94: Introducing Your New Co-Host

I now have a co-host and I'm very excited to introduce him to you today
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This show is designed around the small business owner.

It’s my goal to educate you about the many duties, responsibilities and obligations you have as an employer.

I also want to provide you with answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems. So, if you have any employer related questions, all you have to do is ask.

Just go to smallbizbrainiac.com and scroll down the page to the Got Questions form and fire away. And if you need HR services, including workers’ compensation insurance, I’m your guy.

New show format: 

I now have a co-host and I’m very excited to introduce him to you today…. but before I do, if this is the first episode you’ve ever listened to, let me tell you about the previous format.

The first 93 episodes, with the exception of two, have been between 7 and 10 minute shows where it’s just me delivering a lecture. I published two shows a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. And after almost a year of that format I felt like it was time to change it up.

So, now there will be one episode each Monday and it will be a longer show, around 30 minutes.

I’ll have a co-host, who you’ll meet today, and we’ll also have a guest, because we’ve assembled a panel of experts who will rotate from week to week. We’ll have our first panel member on next week.

Today however, it’s all about your new co-host, Robert!

About the author, Thomas

I have 20 of years insurance industry experience in C-level management, focusing on all aspects of workers compensation, risk management, loss control, employee benefits, HR, payroll and professional employer organization (“PEO”) operations. Currently, I am the owner and CEO of Humanly HR, and founder and host of SmallBiz Brainiac; a podcast providing employer intelligence to small business owners.

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