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Independent Contractor or Employee?

Independent Contractor or Employee? Do you remember from episode 3 of the SmallBiz Brainiac podcast, the examples of employers who have been and are currently being sued for improper classification of their workers? Click here to listen to that episode. In this post we’ll learn about the IRS Common Law Rules and the 11 point test for determining if a…

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Demystify the Hiring Process

The hiring procedure is complicated. It’s made up of several daunting processes. For me, hiring has always been one of the most difficult aspects of being an employer. There is so much to do. Everything from defining the position, to on-boarding. And, when I’ve been in a hurry, or desperate for help, I’ve been sloppy…

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10 Small Business Pitfalls to Avoid

10 Small Business Pitfalls You Must Avoid Owning and running a small business is not easy. There is a lot of competition out there, and while you struggle, they seem to have it all figured out. Everyone wants your time and attention including vendors, regulators, suppliers, employees, customers and your family. You are constantly being sold…

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EEOC Equal Pay Task Force and EEO-1 Data Collection Changes

If only the Federal government could collect private employer’s employee census data, including annual salary information, then they could use that information to look for violations of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Of course the EEOC is just here to help by offering their wonderful services to “assist employers in promoting equal pay in…

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