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EEOC Equal Pay Task Force and EEO-1 Data Collection Changes

If only the Federal government could collect private employer’s employee census data, including annual salary information, then they could use that information to look for violations of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Of course the EEOC is just here to help by offering their wonderful services to “assist employers in promoting equal pay in their workplaces”. I suppose that those employers who reject their assistance or disagree with the their findings will be encouraged in other ways.

I wonder if these “assistance” services will publicize their findings. Oh, wait…yup, here it is “This pay data would allow EEOC to compile and publish aggregated data that will help employers in conducting their own analysis of their pay practices to facilitate voluntary compliance”. What a wonderful solution for employers! Give your data to the EEOC so they can publish those numbers for you which will help you conduct your own analysis. If you already have the information can’t you already conduct your own analysis?

Now that the payroll data is publicized, employees can use the information to help their employer with their compliance efforts. Well that is exactly the EEOC’s objective. “The agencies would use this pay data to assess complaints of discrimination, focus agency investigations, and identify existing pay disparities that may warrant further examination”.

Well, that is exactly what the EEOC is going to do, by golly. By adding data on pay ranges and hours worked to the information already collected on the annual EEO-1, the EEOC will no longer not know what they don’t know. In the words of Secretary Perez, “We can’t know what we don’t know. We can’t deliver on the promise of equal pay unless we have the best, most comprehensive information about what people earn”.

So, on behalf of all employers (I’m taking the liberty to speak for you), thank you EEOC and National Equal Pay Task Force. What would we do without you?


EEOC Announces Proposed Addition of Pay Data to Annual EEO-1 Reports

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